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Quantum | Delay EXPERT Services

We are specialists in the field of construction time and delay analysis. We offer project-related expert service and determine claims due to the construction contract.

Our Vision | Our Process

The centre of our vision is the cooperative execution and operation of construction projects between client and contractor.
On the following pages we will explain how we put this vision into practice for both contracting parties.

"If the Contractor is to have its claim dealt with competently and promptly, it must present it with compentence and promptitude. In essence, this means that it must constantly appraise the progress of the work in relation to the planned progress and, once there is a deviation, it must go through the same logical procedure that is required for the presentation of a statement of case."

BURR, A. (2016) Delay and Disruption in Construction Contracts, 5th ed. p. 962
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